I want to select a file under two subfolders and save it in the subfolders I have set in the ModelBuilder in ArcGIS.

How can I do it?

  • Could you put up a picture of the model you have? Also, could you clarify what you want to do? Do you have a file at Folder\Subfolder1\Subfolder2\FILE and want to move it to Subfolder1, or are you looking to move it to a completely different folder or subfolder? – P.T. Curran Aug 8 '17 at 13:07

If you're looking to only do this once, you can just drag-and-drop using ArcCatalog. If it's something you'll be doing a lot and need the model for, you should be able to get by with Copying the shapefile from the starting location to the destination. Then set the resulting file as a prerequisite to Delete the original. Set the destination folder as a parameter and you've got yourself a working model. You can set the initial file as a parameter, too, to give yourself more flexibility.

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