I have a web form that collects three items: name, notes, and a geotagged img and stores it in mysql. The image is stored as a blob.

I would like to scrape/access the blob's geo-location properties with a python framework (MySQLdb) and create a geojson.

I am familiar with connecting to the db and retrieving individual rows.

con = MySQLdb.connect(user=user, passwd=passwd, host=host, db=db)
cursor = con.cursor()
query = "SELECT DISTINCT column FROM table;"

Then start a cursor and save to text.

 for row in cursor.fetchall():
        print '{'
        print  '"id": "{0}",' .format(row[0])
        print  'name": "{0}",' .format(row[1])
        print  'notes": "{0}",' .format(row[2])
        print '"lat": "{0}",' .format(row[1])
        print '"long": "{0}",' .format(row[2])
        print '"url": "file://{0}"'.format(row[3]) 
        print '},'

What I'm interested in specifically is how to extract the geographic info and file url from the blob format? Is there an easier method?

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