I am building a simple map app with the Ionic 3 framework. I am using OpenLayers 4.0.2 as the map api.

It has been going great until I tried implementing a custom tileLoadFunction for the basemap tile layer used in the app. In my case, I am attempting to get tiles from an IndexedDB.

 tileLoadFunction: function(tile, src) {
     let imageTile = tile as ol.ImageTile;
     let img = imageTile.getImage() as HTMLImageElement;
     let tileCoord = imageTile.getTileCoord();
     tileCoord[2] = -tileCoord[2] - 1;
     self.mapDataService.getBasemapTile(tileCoord).then(b64 => {
         if (b64) {
             img.setAttribute('src', b64);
         } else {
             img.setAttribute('src', src);

This is fairly common requirement, and I have seen dozen of implementations online - but not in TypeScript... I can't just do tile.getImage().src = b64; or else I get complile errors. So I cast to ol.ImageTile and HTMLImageElement.

I am 100% positive that the images returned by b64 or src variables are valid images. But the basemap tile is always blank??? Is there a better way to do this in TypeScript?

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