I am working on a project which have to layers of the word. In this project the world state are displayed as polygons with point and line layers.

All the layers are display on raster from Natural Earth. I need two layers with different polygon colors that will much in scale and location precisely. I saved each layer as a different project and when I export them from print composer the upper layer. enter image description here The layer is a little bit off from the bottom layer enter image description here


I understood that this is a known bug in QGIS. I could not fix, but I find a way around for this kind of projects. For the sake of simplicity I will show me way around on a project with one raster layer and one vector layer.

I open the print composer with me raster layer in the required scale. enter image description here

Then I go back to the project and adding the next layer. The print composer is still open and I click on the Update preview bottom. The new layer is updating and the scale and position are remaining the same.

enter image description here.

I admit that it is not the most elegant solution, but it the only way I can find to solve this problem.

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