In the (C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.6) the "installation-notes.htm" for postgreSQL 9.6 show python 3.3 as being the compatible version. I installed it, put it into my windows 7 path/variables, and can run python 3.3 at the command line. After issuing a CREATE LANGUAGE plpython3u, I was able to write plpython3u functions. But, QGIS uses python 2.7.5. When I load QGIS, it will no longer load its python console because it explains that python33.dll is not compatible. I suppose I could try reverting to python 2.7, in windows 7, but is that supposed to be compatible with postgreSQL 9.6?

Combining the advice of the two responses, I edited my environmental variables to remove any mention of python3.3. QGis loads, and with the python console! I am not sure whether the python 3.3 environmental variables may be needed in order for plpython3u functions to work in postgreSQL.


I don't think the EDB PostgreSQL 9.6 offers a library for python2. The BigSQL for windows on other hand only offers plpython2.

Anyway I think you can get QGIS to use it's own try this:

run the OSGeo4W.bat file that is in the Program Files\QGIS folder

Then at the prompt type:


That should lauch qgis with it's own settings.

If it doesn't you might need to create a custom batch or edit that one to override PYTHONHOME or PYTHONPATH.

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