With OpenLayers 4, I'm trying to get field names from a WFS request (https://localhost:8080/myws?SERVICE=WFS&REQUEST=DescribeFeatureType&VERSION=2.0.0&TYPENAME=ms:layername&outputFormat=gml/2.1.2) and parse it into JSON or something else.

I found a solution, but it is for OpenLayers 2 (example)

Does somebody know if


will be deployed into OpenLayers 4?

Any other way possible? My goal is to "harvest" my WFS DescribeFeatureType to populate a filtering menu.

  • I have a feeling that OpenLayers 3 (and presumably 4) doesn't support WFS version 2.n so it's not just a supported operation issue. – nmtoken Aug 7 '17 at 19:57
  • Your are right. But my call could also be in version 1.0.0 – PEL Aug 7 '17 at 19:59

Look at jsonix [1] and w3c-schemas [2] instead

import {XSD_1_0} from 'w3c-schemas/lib/XSD_1_0';
const xsdContext = new Jsonix.Context([XSD_1_0]);
const xsdUnmarshaller = xsdContext.createUnmarshaller();
var schema = xsdUnmarshaller.unmarshalString(xmlhttp.responseText).value;
var element = schema.complexType[0].complexContent.extension.sequence.element;

[1] https://github.com/highsource/jsonix [2] https://github.com/highsource/w3c-schemas


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