How to mosaic multiple tiles of Modis MOD13Q1 in loop. I have about 395 files of each tile from a total of four tiles. I am using linux operating system and therefore use shell script. I need to mosaic the four tiles for each date. I used the mrt mosaic in MRT which automatically took the four tiles and mosaicked it but is there anyway to automate all the (395 X 4) files in a loop? I carried this out successfully

mrtmosaic -i mosaicfile.txt -s "1 0 0" -o MOSAIC_temp.hdf

what i need is,

mrtmosaic -i tempfile.txt -s "1 0 0" -o MOSAIC_$date.hdf ## tempfile.txt temporary text file containing filenames of four files from the same date but from different tiles that are mosaicked and further removed at the end of the loop

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The following code worked for me:

# list all the filenames of each tile in a text file and make sure they are identical order (filenames)
#read them as arrays
readarray a < Mod24v05list.txt
readarray b < Mod25v05list.txt
readarray c < Mod24v06list.txt
readarray d < Mod25v06list.txt
for (( i=0; i <= ${#a[@]} ; ++i ))
echo $f > mosaicfile.txt
#mosaicked text file contains just the four names that needs to be mosaicked
# date of the file is cut and added to output file name
date=`echo "$a1" | cut -c9-16`
#spectral subset 
mrtmosaic -i mosaicfile.txt -s "1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1" -o MOSAIC_$date.hdf
resample -p input2.prm -i MOSAIC_$date.hdf -o MOD13Q1_$date.tif
#removing text file so that a fresh file is created in the loop
# removing mosaicked hdf file too (optional)
rm MOSAIC_$date.hdf
rm mosaicfile.txt
exit 0

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