Hello guys I am stuck in the last part of a project.

I have a project were I have infowindows for every marker when the marker is clicked a function "populateInfoWindow" is called. In that function there is a wikiURL based on the marker.title and I get a link to the Wikipedia site search based on that title All good up to here.

My problem starts when I close the infowindow and infowindow.setMarker = null I can not re-open it after that

What am I doing wrong since I am setting the marker to null?

function populateInfoWindow (marker, infowindow){
              var wikiURL = 'https://en.wikipedia.org/w/api.php?action=opensearch&search=' + marker.title + '&format=json&callback=wikiCallback';
              var wikiTimeout = setTimeout(function () {
        alert("failed to load wikipedia page");
    }, 4000);

                     url: wikiURL,
                     dataType: "jsonp",
                     success: function (response) {
                      var articleList = response[3];
                      var articleName = response[0];

                      if (infowindow.marker != marker){
                        infowindow.marker = marker;
                        infowindow.open(map, marker);
                        infowindow.addListener('closeclick', function(){
                        infowindow.setMarker = null;
                         infowindow.setContent('<div>' + '<a href ="' + articleList + '">' + articleName + '</a>'  + '</div>');




Try setting infowindow.marker = null;

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