After reviewing this article: https://knowledge.safe.com/answers/50003/view.html

It is still unclear how to check to see if a feature class exists using FME. I was able to successfully read in the schema of the GDB, but what transformer is best applied to check the schema for a specific feature class name? How would the logic go?


First add the Schema (Any Format) Reader.

Add Reader

Next add a Tester Transformer. Connect inspectors to the outputports of the tester, this way the result will popup in a dataviewer called the Inspector.

Add Tester

Configure the Tester Transformer by hitting the cogwheel. Using a GDB as dataformat, fme_feature_type_name represents the Feature Class Name. Enter the Feature Class Name you want to check in the field "Right Value"

Configure Tester

Now run the Workspace.

Run Workspace

You could also use the AttributeFilter / TestFilter or other Transformers to process the Schema Reader output.

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