I have multiple layers (multi-point, multipart polygon, multipart lines). I want to create a hidden coverage layer based on all those to create an atlas of my QGIS project.

Obviously, I can't easily combine different geometries in one layer.

I ended up with the following workflow:

  1. convert polygons to lines
  2. convert lines to points
  3. convert multi-points to single points
  4. merge all single-point layers
  5. create multipoint layer based on shared attribute (i.e., object number)
  6. use as hidden coverage layer

Since I will have to do that again in the near future, and this was a hell lot of manual work (and many layers): how would you do that properly?

Disclaimer: I read several Q/As which are somewhat related, but nothing fits, really. Most seem to deal with displaying multiple layers, not combining multiple layers in one coverage layer. Also, not being able to paste multi-part geometries in a single-part layer seems to be a currently persistent bug specific to Windows.

  • Have you tried automating that workflow with the Graphical Modeller in the Processing toolbox? Might take some of the pain out of it. Aug 10, 2017 at 9:28
  • I haven't, but this sure is something I'll try when I have to perform this task next time. But I wonder if this there isn't already a tool which merges shapefile to the lowes common denominator?
    – aae
    Aug 10, 2017 at 9:52


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