I want to use v.stream.order of GRASS in QGIS for stream but it is not available in QGIS processing tool. How to add that in processing tool

QGIS version 2.14.17-Essen

  • Do you have GRASS 7 enabled and running for other commands? – xunilk Aug 10 '17 at 22:05
  • No .I have grass plugin installed with QGIS while installing QGIS. – sudhanshud Aug 10 '17 at 22:11
  • What operating system do you have? Windows? Linux? – xunilk Aug 10 '17 at 23:13
  • Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) – sudhanshud Aug 10 '17 at 23:40
  • So, your question is possible duplicate of this one: gis.stackexchange.com/questions/190355/… – xunilk Aug 10 '17 at 23:46

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