I am using XYZ to Lat Long which I am then converting to UTM as I am unable to find XYZ to UTM implementation directly.So,in attached image there is distortion on boundaries which has particular pattern. I believe this behavior is because of converting Lat-Long to UTM and then using UTM co-od for further processing using gdal.

How do I calculate XYZ or TMS Tiles bounds in UTM directly instead of Lat-Long?

Test DataSet

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    If the XYZ conversion led to a "square" or "rectangular" extent in lat/lon, the "tilt" you're seeing is fine. In a UTM zone, only the longitude line at the center of the zone is vertical. There is a tilt to latitude lines too, usually not at much as the longitude lines away from the central meridian. – mkennedy Aug 11 '17 at 18:03

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