What kind of hardware is necessary to run QGIS on Win XP?

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Specifications for GIS desktop hardware

  • I do a lot of my operation on RamDisk, as I found it very, very fast. Its expensive (RAM is more expensive than SSD) but I do think it is faster though.
    – Tomek
    Oct 19, 2013 at 15:56

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QGIS doesn't have formal "system requirements" per-se. However, this question has been discussed before, i.e.: Specifications for GIS desktop hardware


In my experience, for common applications any hardware would do the job, for example, I have and old notebook which runs Windows XP and Qgis nicely on 1GB RAM and a Centrino (Pentium-M) processor. As I always say, you won't need a lot of processing power to digitize vectors or interpret imagery, for that the best hardware to spend your money is a nice 21" led screen.
If you want to do some advanced processing with rasters (interpolations, etc.) you may want more memory and a better processor but be aware that most of these tasks don't take advantage of multicore cpus, so to have a real nice performance you will have to split the tasks and run many instances of whatever you want to process.

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