I've been trying to struggle through Terrset but just can't get it to do what I want. I initially had problems downloading the files from geoexplorer but seem to have figured that out. The problem now is that I deleted my original project file with the intention of starting fresh. However, I'm now getting errors whenever I open Terrset and also when I try to start a new project. When opening Terrset I get the following errors:

Data path not found. Please select another project or change the data path.

There is an inconsistency in the user's preference file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Terrset\TerrSetUsers.ini", line "projectdir=C:\Users\jdleh\Documents\Romote Sensing\lab2pt2". That folder does not exist

When I try to select a new project in the project tab I get the following error:

Cannot create file "C:\Users\jdleh\Documents\Remote Sensing\lab2pt2\lab2pt4.env". The system cannot find the path specified

Any thoughts on these errors?


You can try to move the files to the desktop. Use short name for the data folder. Lab2 might be a good start. Also, make sure you have no spaces between words used in folder /sub directory names. For example after Documents, you data path includes Remote Sensing with a space separating these two words. hope this works.

Check that your installation is OK.

Try manually navigating to any file and displaying it.

  • Thanks for that tip. You're right. I needed to eliminate the space. I also was not creating the correct file path using the change projects folder. I appreciate your fast response! Aug 12 '17 at 18:18

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