I want to transfer Z values of TIN surface into Z field of line vertices. This line feature class is covered by this TIN surface. I used interpolation shape tool but this tool is disrupting line during interpolating process (Linear Method). Is there any other way to write Z values of this TIN surface into the z field of line vertices?

  • It means something wrong with your line – FelixIP Aug 14 '17 at 9:38
  • I don't think so, especially curve areas of line were slipped or changed after interpolation. – Vedat OMAK Aug 14 '17 at 9:43

You can do that, but you will no longer be able to use the line, you will have to use the vertices as points. I'll share here with you a more elaborate answer on how to extract heights from a TIN:

  1. The easiest way for me to extract heights from a TIN is TIN Node, although this is a link for PRO, the process is the same for ArcMap; just add a field name in Spot Field, otherwise you will get a ShapeZ and you will to calculate the Z field by yourself.
  2. Extract set of lines at a specified interval. Use Surface contour to extract the lines and you get height data.
  3. What you need is quite easy to get. Use Surface contour for line extraction, if you need the points to be at a certain distance for each other, use Densify , then use Feature vertices to points to covert your lines vertices to points and after all this use Extract values to points or Add surface information for populating your points with height data.

This should solve your issue, although I would recommend TIN Node for getting height data. This recommendation depends on what was used to create the TIN; the source of data is important. Share more details to get more help.

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