I am using the following datasets:

I want to generate 2 lists, the zip codes in or partially in each council district, and the council districts in or partially in each zip code.

So far I have tried this in Carto but I am open to other solutions.

I have found examples of intersecting a second layer of data with points, but nothing about intersecting 2 layers of data where both data sets are boundaries.

Is this possible?

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You need to apply a SQL query similar to this one:

   d.coun_dist as district,  --- z.zipcode as zipcode
   array_agg(z.zipcode) as zipcodes --- array_agg(d.coun_dist) as districts
  nyc_zipcodes z, nyc_districts d
  st_intersects(z.the_geom, d.the_geom)


| district |                         zipcodes                   |
|    48    |  ["11229","11235","11224","11210","11230","11223"] |
|    18    |  ["10460","10472","10473","10474","10462","10461"] |
|    ...   |                         ...                        |

Do not forget to replace nyc_zipcodes and nyc_districts with your dataset names. Also notice that you will need to run the query twice, replacing the columns selected with the code after the comments ---. You can learn more about PostGIS ST_Intersects operation and PostgreSQL array_agg method reading their documentation.

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