I created a map using graduated styling on a layer and there is a field for legend format and a column that says legend, but I can't find the legend anywhere.
Does anyone know how to access it?
(The only thing in the legends tab within the layer properties window is something that says transparency slider)?
Ideally I would like to save it as a png. enter image description here

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    The legend will be a part of your map you create in the print composer. In print composer, you add a new map first then add a legend as a new map item.
    – DirkB.
    Commented Aug 16, 2017 at 4:51

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To access you legend you must create the Print Composer, for more information about it you can read here.

What do you have to do is: Start Qgis (open your project) > Project > New Print Composer> "Composer title" > Layout > Add map > Layout > Add legend...


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