I have an application in MapXtreme. I am converting that into PostGIS.For a purpose I am using the below given function in Mapxtreme.

IGeometryEdit geomEdit = ftrgeo.GetGeometryEditor();
geomEdit .OffsetByXY(-(Convert.ToDouble(300) / 2), -(Convert.ToDouble(300) / 2), DistanceUnit.Foot, DistanceType.Spherical);
geomEdit .EditingComplete();

What are the alternative methods of above in PostGIS?

Any Idea?

  • What does this function do, move things north west by 300 feet? Come on, you can ask a better question that doesn't presuppose expertise in mapxtreme and postgis – Evan Carroll Aug 17 '17 at 16:34

Without understanding exactly what this function does, I think you want ST_Translate

Returns a new geometry whose coordinates are translated delta x,delta y,delta z units. Units are based on the units defined in spatial reference (SRID) for this geometry.

ST_Translate — Translate a geometry by given offsets.

geometry ST_Translate(geometry g1, float deltax, float deltay);
geometry ST_Translate(geometry g1, float deltax, float deltay, float deltaz);

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