I have seen one Website, which contains the coordinate and other information. I found that coordinates is in a different format, I can't convert to decimal format.

The Website is : Check here Information

In this site, the last column contains the coordinates, which need to convert into decimal format.

After click on the Mountain name, I can get the decimal format, but I don't want to click 5000 times.

For Example.

Curent format is :

568'830 / 89'080


45.95258N 7.03665O

I want to convert this coordinate format to decimal geolocation format anyhow. It should be online or offline.


The coordinates seem to be are in "Swiss grid" coordinate System. EPSG:21781

enter image description here

-> Copy paste the table to a Text file (it will be tab-separated CSV), remove the ' between the numbers. Replace the / between the coordinates with a tab (\t) and import into QGIS with the corresponding fields for X and Y and EPSG:21781 as CRS. From here you can convert the data to any CRS you wish.

How did I find out:

  1. Which area are the coordinates supposed to cover? (=> Switzerland)
  2. Search Google for official or common coordinate systems used in that region (here: q=koordinatensystem+schweiz")
  3. Trial and Error (This time the first try was a hit!)
  • @Sagar Vaghela : once you found the system and created the point cloud like Rovo did, a simple transformation (Save as, in QGIS) from EPSG:21781 to EPSG:4326 (lat/long WGS84 coordinate system) should give you the data in the right coordinate system you are looking for.
    – gisnside
    Aug 18 '17 at 13:41
  • Thanks for the understanding. I also found one website which useful to convert this format. Conversion of Swiss coordinate Aug 20 '17 at 8:51

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