I want to write the results of processing a Rinex file using geodetic heights, and an external geoid from Spain's geographic institute IGN.

I have downloaded the geoid files from their FTP in text format from ftp://ftp.geodesia.ign.es/geoide/ascii/ with .txt and .asc extensions, and in binary GRD format (ftp://ftp.geodesia.ign.es/geoide/GRD/EGM08_REDNAP.grd), but none of them seems to work, and I am getting the exact same results as with RNX2RTKP default's geoid (EGM96, 1ºx1º), while I would expect to see a significant difference in height.

In order to tell RTKLIB that I want to use the external geoid, I run the program as follows:

rnx2rtkp.e -p 0 -k config_file.conf rinex_file.obs brdc_orbits.obs -o output_file.sol

where config_file.conf has only de following lines:

out-height         =geodetic
file-geoidfile     =geoid_filename

and geoid_filename is the .asc, .txt or .grd file.

What am I doing wrong? Am I not providing the file in the correct format, or should I set something else in the config file?

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You are missing the out_geoid option. My working file looks like:

out-height         =geodetic   # (0:ellipsoidal,1:geodetic)
out-geoid          =egm96      #(0:internal,1:egm96,2:egm08_2.5,3:egm08_1,4:gsi2000)
file-geoidfile     =Z:\Users\drf\Work\RTKLIB\JUNK\WW15MGH.DAC

If you look at the RTKLIB manual, it identifies the geoid as internal, or four specific GEOIDs. I think other files would need to match one of these formats:

I cannot tell if EGM08-REDNAP geoid is equivalent to a subset of the EGM2008 1"x1" file above or not. If you have a regional/local geoid model, I don't think RTKLIB will parse it, you might be better off solving for an ellipsoidal heights and then converting to your datum externally. Or maybe you could patch it into a copy of the global egm08_1 file and use that.

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