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I know that qustiosn was was asked before. I have tried to find an OSM key on the web, but without success. I know that I need to enter the API key by going in this order: web- OpenLayers Plugin-OSM/Thunderforest-Set API KEYenter image description here

How and where can I find the API Key that need to be paste in this window?enter image description here

I opened an account at Thunderforest Console, paste the API key, but it did not solve the problem

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You need a key for the Thunderforest maps, they provide own servers and map styles based on the OSM data (which itself is free to use without any key restriction).

You will need to sign up an account (see that link in the 'enter key' window on your screenshot? there...) and follow their instructions to generate your own key.

EDIT: You will need to set the key in the OpenLayers Menu and reload the layer. See answers here.

  • I add the OSM API Key, but it did not help. Is the any especially important thing that need to be done? – Nitzan Matan Aug 23 '17 at 7:48
  • 1
    @NitzanMatan I can´t reproduce your problem; when I set my key and then load, say, the 'Transport' map (both via the Web -> OpenLayers -> OSM/Thunderforest menu, and in that order), it works just fine without the watermark. keep in mind, though, that, with the free plan, you will only have 150.000 tiles (!) per month. – ThingumaBob Aug 23 '17 at 10:38

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