In QGIS 2.18, new vector layers resulting from QGIS tools have a default name related to the corresponding tool. For example, when I perform the "Lines to polygons" operation (under QGIS Vector menu), the resulting layer is always named Polygons from lines in the Layers Panel -- even if I ask for the shapefile to be saved under a specific name. When I compute a buffer, the new layer is called Buffer, and so on.

If I recall correctly, this was not the case in QGIS 2.14 (and previous versions): the default name of a layer was the name of its shapefile.

I find the new behaviour annoying since it leads to confusion between my layers; every time I use a QGIS tool, I have to uncheck the "Open output file after running algorithm" option, then manually open the newly created layer in order to display its "real" name. I can also change its name in the layer properties, but this is still irritating.

Is there a way to go back to the traditional behaviour? E.g. display by default the shapefile name (when specified) in the Layers Panel instead of some generic name?

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From QGIS 2.16 vector menu functions using processing toolbox, so this behaviour can be changed in processing options in menu Processing -> Options.... In General options check the Use filename as layer name.

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QGIS 3 Update:

The Processing options in QGIS 3 are in main settings Settings -> Options in Processing tab. Also can be launched directly from processing toolbox - enter image description here Options.


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