I've been working with ArcGis for a while now and was wondering if there was a way to change positions of parameters inside the toolbox for the user. The only time I have seen this done in arc toolbox is with the Raster clip tool with the Rectangle parameter where the 4 parameters are aligned in a circle in the toolbox.

enter image description here

I don't know if what I want is possible since I haven't seen anyone else do it.


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My understanding is that neither Python Toolbox tools nor Python Script tools allow you to configure a tool GUI that provides either indented parameters or more than one parameter per "row" of a tool dialog.

Consequently, you may need to switch from using ArcPy to using ArcObjects if you wish to try and do this. I am not an ArcObjects developer, and so I make no guarantees about whether they provide this degree of customization.

However, I trust the comment by @MichaelStimson who wrote:

I can say Yes, if you build a form in ArcObjects you can do a lot more things with dialog boxes. Even python GUI with PyWin32 or QT will give more control which may be an easier startup than ArcObjects - unless you intend to learn ArcObjects for other more compelling reasons, in which case it would be a good 'hello world' project.


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