Despite having

<title>Threatened Ecosystems of South Africa</title> 

in the html file, the Open Layers map does not include a title like Leaflet does. Is there some way around this, or is this just how it is unfortunately?

  • Please be more specific: Where do you want a title to appear? What are your settings regarding this? Which version? Aug 24, 2017 at 8:31

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If you edit the index.html file that qgis2web produces you'll see the title tags in the head section of the file.

<title>This is an OL3 map</title>

The text between the tags is displayed on the tab on your browser.

Firefox tabs

Chrome tabs

IE11 tabs

If you want a title on the map itself then you need to add some text in the body section of index.html

<body> <h1 align=center>This is an OL3 map</h1> <div id="map">

title in body section

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    Ha! Beat me to it, Tom. Aug 24, 2017 at 9:46

It is just how it is at the moment, I'm afraid. Leaflet has a built-in method for adding the title to the map, but OpenLayers does not. It can be developed, and there is an existing issue on Github which includes this:


In that comment, Ola's code is the way to tackle this: place a <div> within the <map>, and then use CSS to style it.


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