I have two layers(layer1,layer2) in postgis database where I have connect in QGIS project.

my database have specific precision.

now I want to use from QGIS processing some algorithms like GISDIFFERENCE(for example I know tew postgis have query for this).

but I don't know how to import the algorithm output in postgis database automatic to keep my database precision.

for example if I try to run graphical this tool show me choose to save as to postgis database.

but how to do this using pyqgis ?because I want to create a QGIS plugin

some way is to run algorithms and I save manual the output to shapefile and after to import this shapefile to postgis database like this :

outputs_QGISDIFFERENCE_1=processing.runalg('qgis:difference', layer1,layer2,False,None)
load= QgsVectorLayer(outputs_QGISDIFFERENCE_1['OUTPUT'],'myname', 'ogr')

and save to postgis database.

but that way create it me topology error because I loose the database precision if I use the graphical way to save as to postgis database then that layer is correct.

but how to do this using pyqgis ?

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