I am looking for a way to make a “trace downstream” in a geometric network in ArcGIS where loops are included too. With the trace-operation “trace downstream”, the loops are not included. I know there is a trace-operation “find loops” but this returns all loops which are connected (therefore e.g. also the loops upstream the flag). I only want to receive the loops that are downstream my flag. The result should be a selection with the result of the trace downstream + just the loops which are downstream the flag. Would you know a way to achieve that in ArcGIS or would you know a good workaround?

Edit: manual removing selections is not possible in my case, an automated solution has to be found!

Edit2: an ArcGIS-only solution would be preferred.

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RivEX can attribute your river network with loop ID's, see the help file here. You could then use your downstream trace to select polylines, as RivEX gives each loop family a unique ID you could simply summarize that and then re-select based upon your list of ID's.

So this is a partial automated solution, use RivEX to encode your network then use what ever you want to automate the rest.

  • thank you very much. Would you know an "ArcGIS core-product solution" too?
    – GIS7
    Aug 31, 2017 at 12:33

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