Is it possible to place the value on top of each bar in a bar chart thematic map in Mapinfo?

This is how I did it so far: I wanted to show a value per zone (the amount of trips generated in one area) with a bar: the areas which generate more trips have a larger bar. I also wanted to place the value of such bar on top, but as I couldn't find how, I placed the label at the base of the bar by choosing the following label display options:

enter image description here

This is what the thematic map looks like:

Thematic map - one bar

I would like the numbers to be on top of the bars, if it is possible, especially because for my next thematic map I will have to represent several fields at a time (origins and destinations, that is: two bars), so I will no longer be able to use labels to show the value.


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In the Placement Section of the Label Display Menu change default position from Bottom(B) to Top(T).

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