The Evented section of the Leaflet documentation shows how to set an event listener for the map object:

Leaflet deals with event listeners by reference, so if you want to add a listener and then remove it, define it as a function:

function onClick(e) { ... }
map.on('click', onClick);
map.off('click', onClick);

In my application, there are various functions which may run on a map click event, depending on which mode the application is in (along the lines of having an "active tool" mode).

How can I determine which function is currently set as the map's on click event?

For example, if the line map.on('click', xyz) has been run, I would like to know that the current on click function is called xyz. And if map.off('click', xyz) has been run and there is no current click event I would like to know this.

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There is a property ._events on the map which can be used to determine the presence of any event listeners:

map._events.click.length shows the number of listeners for the click event.

map._events.click[0].fn provides details of the first function that has been set to run on click, including its name via map._events.click[0].fn.name

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