I have a multipoint PostGIS table with 8,000 or so points that represent intersections in a city street grid. I'd like to clean up this table to remove any points that are within 100 meters of another point.

Looking at the docs, ST_RemoveRepeatedPoints appears to be the best way to go about this. However when I try the example, I can't seem to get the tolerance parameter to work in the way I expect.

For example:

 SELECT ST_AsText(ST_RemoveRepeatedPoints(
            'MULTIPOINT((4 4), (1 1), (1 0), (0 3), (4 4))', 100.0));


MULTIPOINT((4 4), (1 1), (1 0), (0 3))

It does remove the duplicate point (4 4), but given that I set the tolerance parameter to 100, I would expect it to remove all the points (except one) given that they are all within 100 units of each other.

What am I missing? And what's the best way to run this operation using PostGIS or ogr2ogr?

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There is an open issue with ST_RemoveRepeatedPoints where the tolerance parameter does not work when the function is called with a MultiPoint.

If you need to do a one-off cleanup operation, you could run something like this:

DELETE FROM my_table a
              WHERE a.id < b.id 
              AND ST_DWithin(a.geom, b.geom, 100))
  • Awesome! I never would have found that bug report on my own-- much appreciated. Tried your solution below and it works perfectly. Thank you! Commented Sep 4, 2017 at 3:40

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