I'm trying to load a WMS in my application, but I get the following error:

400 (Bad Request)

Confusingly enough I still get an empty image.

The corresponding request is:


I've tried setting layer projection parameters to 3857, 4326, 900913 and 25832 but none worked. QGIS also doesn't seem to like the WMS either. So I tried simple getMap requests in my browser and the following worked:


The only difference I could find was a different BBOX parameter.

Does Openlayers create a wrong BBOX parameter or what do I have to change in my code?

var view = new ol.View({
    center: ol.proj.fromLonLat([10, 51]),
    zoom: 6,
    maxZoom: 11,
    projection: 'EPSG:3857'

var luftbilder = new ol.layer.Tile({
    source: new ol.source.TileWMS({
        url: 'http://sg.geodatenzentrum.de/wms_dop40?',
        params: {'LAYERS': 'rgb',
                'VERSION': '1.1.1',
        projection: 'EPSG:4326'


var map = new ol.Map({
    target: 'map',
    view: view,
    layers: [luftbilder]

weird, fiddle works fine fiddle (in Chrome)


If you are seeing a 400 error from the server then you can't also get an image (blank or otherwise). I see some sort of access control error when I try your links.


If you check the capabilities document for the WMS you will see the supported bounding box is

<LatLonBoundingBox minx="5.42587260523" miny="46.9672880527" maxx="15.7908768234" maxy="55.1764096793" />

So it seems that your bounding box (BBOX=112.5,33.75,123.75,45) does not intersect the available map data, so you get a blank image.

In any case this will all fail to display (correctly) as you are requesting the map in degrees (epsg:4326) but your map is in meters (epsg:3857). Try removing the projection line in your layer and let the WMS server send the map in the map projection.

  • well my map ist still empty now (and console is still spammed with error 400s). BUT when I open such a requested Tile in a new Browser tab, the tile is loaded correctly. How to fix this? – Revo Sep 4 '17 at 10:58
  • like ignoring error code 400 and still showing the tile? – Revo Sep 4 '17 at 11:44

Quite possibly the service is misconfigured, so not necessarily a problem with QGIS or OpenLayers. Certainly if you are getting a 400 error, you should not also be getting an image, the response should be an XML exception.

When I try loading in QGIS, QGIS can read the GetCapabilities response, but won't show the legend, I also can't get the GetLegendGraphic to work as a direct link, so something is wrong with the service.

E.g according to the Capabilities response the following should return a legend:


But instead I get an HTTP 400:

<ServiceExceptionReport xmlns="http://www.opengis.net/ogc">
  <ServiceException locator="securityGate.RequestHandler" code="NOACCESS_METHOD GetLegendGraphic">NOACCESS_METHOD GetLegendGraphic</ServiceException>

QGIS does generate GetMap requests but I only ever get HTTP 400 XML messages like:

<ServiceExceptionReport xmlns="http://www.opengis.net/ogc">
  <ServiceException locator="securityGate.RequestHandler" code="NOACCESS_METHOD GetMap">NOACCESS_METHOD GetMap</ServiceException>

weird, fiddle works fine

One possibility here is there is some proxying going on in the background; Fiddler is able to handle the redirects, but perhaps QGIS/OpenLayers is not.


I tried too with ArcMap 10.3.1 and get the same error (reads GetCapabilities, GetMap has error).

  • Interesting! does this error mean that my IP is not whitelisted or blocked in a way? How would one implement a way to handle these redirects (probably to the correct wms endpoint, whose url I'm not aware of). – Revo Sep 4 '17 at 15:04
  • 1
    It seems unlikely that the issue is related to white/black listing, as there is a valid GetCapabilities response, and you get some response with Fiddler. Additionally if the issue is one access, then I would expect some other HTTP response (401, 403, 407, 412...). – nmtoken Sep 4 '17 at 16:17
  • 1
    According to the GetCapabilities response, contact for the service is dlz@bkg.bund.de I would enquire there if there are any restrictions on the service, or a different access URL – nmtoken Sep 4 '17 at 16:20

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