I'm wondering if anybody has experience in installing external software for QGIS plugins. I am developing one and I feel like I have hit a wall. I need to use osm2pgrouting, but it is written in C and needs to be compiled on the client's computer in order to be used properly.

I am experimenting with subprocesses like so:

import subprocess
import os


params1 = ["cmake", "-H.", "-Bbuild"]
params3 = ["make"]
params4 = ["make", "install"]

subprocess1 = subprocess.Popen(params1, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
subprocess3 = subprocess.Popen(params3, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
subprocess4 = subprocess.Popen(params4, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)

But it is failing and I believe that it is because root privileges are required in order to install this software. I would like to include a "first time setup" function to compile and install it so that the user doesn't have to bother, but I'm wondering if this is even possible.

Is there a smarter way of going about this or am I just stuck instructing the user to install osm2pgrouting themselves manually before using the plugin?

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