I am really interested if any of you know about a hosting provider that offers postgis & pgrouting pre-installed?

If not, can I just go ahead and purchase a linode hosting account and do all the installations myself?

The situation is that I am seeking for a hosting account to launch my pgrouting based application.

Please consider that I am a WIN 7 user with no linux and ubuntu experience.

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has a number of Web Mapping Applications and Spatial Database hosting capabilities

Premium Tier 1 Multi-homed Bandwidth
GIS Software Installer
Plesk Panel with AppVault
Apache 2.2, PHP 5.3, PERL, CGI
Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Passenger
mod_rails, Mongrel, Rack
Python / WSGI
Python Virtual Environment Support
MySQL 5.1, PostgreSQL 8.4, SQLite 2&3
PostGIS 1.4, pgRouting
Ant / Maven 1&2
Full Subversion and Git support
Secure POP3/IMAP, Webmail
AWStats, Webalizer, Analog Web Stats

It is an older version than what is possible with PostGIS 2.0

Try the demos page



I think you will search in vain for something preconfigured with postGIS and pgRouting, but there seems to be several sites hosting PostGIS

You could also try an Amazon EC2 instance, it seems there are PostGIS AMIs available.

When it comes to pgrouting it seems that you'll have to install it yourself, with a good tutorial (possibly combined with an image with PostGIS installed) i guess it should be doable, even with limited linux expirience


acugis has postgis w/pgrouting.

You install pgrouting by clicking a button in the control panel (so even a WIN 7 user can do it ;-) )

There may be others, but I don't know...


There are sites where you can host and configure your site. For instance I am using serversAndDomains.com Cloud VPS.

I have configured a site that will allow clients to host their own data, it has a routing algorithm that I developed over the years. It can import OSM or other data (Shapefiles for instance).

The site is running with OSM data (inc routing) for Portugal as a test case but I can import any other country.

Right now, I can share the routing to you as a remote service and import OSM data for your location. The Hosting of client data (completly managed by a client like you) is under development and will allow users to remotely import and create customized maps website on this platform. This is possible because I create metadata from imported data and so new map layers can be added quite fast and queried by the system.

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