I'm uploading perfect squares to Mapbox Studio, either .shp or .geojson, and the resulting layers are stretched or otherwise deformed.

Here are my polygons as seen in QGIS, EPSG:3857. They are all 50*50 meters, exactly orthogonal. enter image description here

After loading them into Mapbox Studio they remain orthogonal, yet some end up getting stretched like north-south in this example, but there are also east-west stretching. enter image description here

An even worse kind of deformation happens if the polygons are askew.

Here are the original polygons: enter image description here

And the deformed ones in Mapbox Studio enter image description here

Zooming in, you can see another deformation. enter image description here

I tend to believe this is some tiling issue, where the polygons cross webmap tiles incorrectly, but have not managed to find the cause.

Has anyone encountered such a thing or knows a what to resolve the issue?

  • a 50m square in 3857 is probably not a square in which ever projection map box is using, or they are not really in 3857. Please include the WKT or JSON that describes one – Ian Turton Sep 5 '17 at 15:13
  • Could it be an artifact of a 3D view snapping to the ground elevation? – Marc Pfister Sep 5 '17 at 16:07

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