Using the Field Calculator, I want to create prefixed, padded IDs from an existing number field. By "padded", I mean I want the IDs to have a specific number of characters, regardless of how many digits the numbers have.

For example, I want to use the values in OBJECTID to create IDs like:

  • OBJECTID 8 >>> INSP000008
  • OBJECTID 9 >>> INSP000009
  • OBJECTID 10 >> INSP000010
  • OBJECTID 11 >> INSP000011

Note: All the resulting IDs have the same number of characters (10).

How can I do this?

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I modified the logic from my Sequential IDs script. I changed it to use the values in an existing number field, rather than generating sequential IDs.

It seems to do the trick:


def IDfromNumberField(num):
    return prefix+'%s' %str(num).zfill(numlength)

IDfromNumberField( !YourExistingNumberFieldHere! )

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