I found out that for a raster in float32 Identify Features tool reports rounded values. For example on the screenshot it reports that the pixel value is -0.3, although the real value is -0.300000011920929 (and I can see the real value using "Layer properties/Transparency/Add values from display" ). How to disable rounding in Identify Features tool? I'm using QGIS 2.18.12 Rounded pixel value Real pixel value

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the extra digits at the end are a bit confusing; these are due to something called single-precision floating point. As opposed to Arbitrary precision. The 'real' value is -0.3

This is a limitation of how floating point numbers are stored in a fixed-sized binary format (float 32 in your case); it's not unique to QGIS.

This page shows what's happening, if you're curious.

e.g. in python

>> import numpy as np
>> print(np.float32(-0.3))

so it looks as if the problem is the other way around, perhaps the display of the transparency dialog could be changed to be more like the identify tool.

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