I am using rgrass7 with R and by typing the following

initGRASS(gisBase = "C:/GRASS/GRASS_GIS_7_3_svn", 
home=tempdir(), gisDbase = "C:/Users/main/Desktop/data",
location = "Thesis",mapset = "user", override = T)

I get this error

Error in if (get("SYS", envir = .GRASS_CACHE) == "WinNat" && nchar(WN_bat) == : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

Now I was wandering if anyone else had the same problem at some point and knows how to prevent it.


I have spent 3 hours trying to solve this weird issue. Initiating the exact same GRASS session that was working the day before, then I closed RStudio, and next time it was simply not working.

I found the issue has something to do with not finding/reading the GRASS_CACHE in the system environment path. Checked the windows path and it was not the issue.

I just restarted the computer and it was just fixed. I guess it has something to do with adding/removing the existing grass cache form the memory.

  • Yeah, turns out that GRASS doesn't like R. Meaning that every time you have to work with R and GRASS you have to make sure that the cache is clear, or that you should restart your PC. That is a problem with the library because parsing commands from GRASS in R is rather confusing for R but executing Rscript in GRASS is easier. – George Nostradamos Mar 10 '18 at 15:35
  • Restarting R session within RStudio helps too. – Vladimir Jun 26 '18 at 8:04

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