I'm trying to reclass from the value of field using if then statement. the statement is like this..

enter image description here

In the figure above, what is making the result not work on my ArcGIS?

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The syntax you have to use with if..then is like this

dim y
if [PR_TBS] <= 100 then
  y = "< 101 Ton" 
elseif [PR_TBS] <= 200 then
  y = "101-200 Ton"
elseif [PR_TBS] <= 300 then
  y = "201-300 Ton"
elseif [PR_TBS] <= 400 then
  y = "301-400 Ton"
  y = "> 400 Ton"
end if

You don't need to use "elseif [PR_TBS] > 100 and [PR_TBS] <= 200 then" since any value that doesn't meet the first "if" will be >100.

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