Using ArcGIS Desktop 10.4 I am attempting to quantify rate of shoreline change using the USGS's DSAS tool for arcmap. I am able to complete every step up until I run the statistics in which I get the error message:

C:\Users\mfazio\AppData\Roaming\USGS\DSAS\calc\DSASCore.calc.exe -e -d "C:\Users\mfazio\AppData\Roaming\USGS\DSAS\data\20170912_101754.Tansect_S100.in.xml" -o "C:\Users\mfazio\AppData\Roaming\USGS\DSAS\data\20170912_101754.Tansect_S100.DSASCore.out.xml" -c "SCE,NSM,EPR,LRR,WLR,LMS" [9/12/2017 10:18:40 AM] : ********EXCEPTION INFO BEGIN********* [9/12/2017 10:18:40 AM] : System Exception: [9/12/2017 10:18:40 AM] : Exception Source: [9/12/2017 10:18:40 AM] : ESRI.ArcGIS.Geodatabase [9/12/2017 10:18:40 AM] : Exception Target Site: [9/12/2017 10:18:40 AM] : ESRI.ArcGIS.Geodatabase.ICursor Search(ESRI.ArcGIS.Geodatabase.IQueryFilter, Boolean) [9/12/2017 10:18:40 AM] : Exception Message: [9/12/2017 10:18:40 AM] : The server threw an exception. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010105 (RPC_E_SERVERFAULT)) [9/12/2017 10:18:40 AM] : System Exception: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80010105): The server threw an exception. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010105 (RPC_E_SERVERFAULT)) at ESRI.ArcGIS.Geodatabase.ITable.Search(IQueryFilter QueryFilter, Boolean Recycling) at DSAS.RateCalculation.readStatsFromFile(String outputTableName, String filename)

I'm wondering if this is an issue multiple people are having or just me.

  • What are the System Requirements for this tool with respect to the ArcGIS Desktop version(s) it supports? – PolyGeo Sep 12 '17 at 20:41
  • Thanks for the comment. It turns out the USGS released a new version in July that is compatible with the newer versions of ArcMap. – mvfazio87 Sep 15 '17 at 13:39
  • Would you be able to turn your comment into a self-answer, please? It should need just a little more like where the latest version can be downloaded. – PolyGeo Sep 15 '17 at 20:33

The problem has been resolved. It turns out they released a new version of the plug-in (DSAS v4.4) and can be found here.


I install DSAS 4.4. runing in ArcGIS 10.4. However, i got error either it couldn't recognise baseline or shoreline. I play around for a while then finally it work for step 1. then I eun step 2 Cast Tracsection. it said error could not find the shoreline in the map?

What's wrong with this? I am maze to do this several times but don't know how DSAS works. Any one have experience pls share.

PS. all shoreline and baseline have been projected in PCS, save in personal geodatabase. all extension of DSAS have been turned on.

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