I am trying to render an 8 bit GeoTIFF (4 Band) on GeoServer and I am having troubles rendering the image on an WMS service.

When I zoom out the image, it gets pixelated:

pixelated raster at 1:100000

Below, it is the same GeoTiff in QGIS with same scale (1:100000)

Same raster at 1:100000 o QGIS

The image rendered by GeoServer is extremely pixelated. I tried tweaking the configuration but I could not reach the same level of quality as it is shown in QGIS.

The version of GeoServer we are using is the 2.2.4. Could someone give me a hint about what may be causing such pixelation on GeoServer?

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    That version of GeoServer is too old, if it does not work there is no chance you'll get a fix. Two things you might try: rebuild the overviews of that file using gdal_translate and gdaladdo, or upgrade GeoServer to 2.11 – Andrea Aime Sep 12 '17 at 16:48

As commented by Andrea Aime, try the following:

  • Upgrading GeoServer to its current version, as yours is old (see here).
  • Rebuild GeoTiff's pyramids/overviews. For example, using gdaladdo (GDAL ADD Overview).
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