I am trying to create a hillshade. I am using the DEM terrain model tool, choosing the right input file and write output, but keep getting this error message "ERROR 1: Band data type Byte not supported in GMT, giving up.". What does it mean? Is there a plug-in that I have missed to install or am I writing something wrong?

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  • What file type have you chosen for output? Maybe include a screenshot of the tool's dialogue in your question. – AndreJ Sep 13 '17 at 5:42

I'm guessing from the error you’re attempting to write out a GMT-compatible netCDF. According to the documentation (emphasis mine)

Newly created files (with a type of GMT) will always have units of "meters" for x, y and z but the x_range, y_range and z_range should be correct. Note that netCDF does not have an unsigned byte data type, so 8bit rasters will generally need to be converted to Int16 for export to GMT.

That suggests you need to use the -ot option with something like Int16.

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    Thanks! The problem could be solved by manually editing "-of GMT" in the text area in the dialog box to "-of GTiff" – Linn Sep 13 '17 at 14:14

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