I have a bunch of lat/lng coordinates that I can reverse geocode, after having installed PostGIS and the relevant Tiger files.

I throw in a query like this:

select reverse_geocode(ST_Point(lng, lat))
from plus_viewable
limit 5

And so far, get results like the following:

({0101000020AD10000041F2CEA10C2055C08AE76C01A1F54040},"{""(1343,,Franklin,Dr,,,Marietta,GA,30067,)""}","{""Cobb Pkwy S""}")

I just need to be able to extract the zip code.

How would I be able to do that?

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You pull in the ZCTA, and then you do a point-in-polygon search on it with something like ST_Intersects.

These isn't exact, but because the USPS doesn't release a dataset it's as good as you can get. It's good enough for the Census for what it's worth.

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