I have a polyline layer and I want to find if a linestring is snapped to the nearest linestring or not in QGIS. How can I do that in QGIS?

I am checking for the intersection but the intersection code is not working because the line string is snapped. So I want to find the snapping linestrings.

def lines(l_layer):
    for ln1,ln2 in itertools.combinations(l_layer.getFeatures(),r=2):
        print ln1.id(),ln2.id()
        if ln1.geometry().intersects(ln2.geometry()):
            print ln1.id(),ln2.id()
            print('not intersects')

Here I am not getting one linestring which is touching with the other because it is snapped and it doesn't have the vertex. So I want to find if the line is snapped.

  • What crs are you using on your project and for both layers? – firefly-orange Sep 13 '17 at 8:53

try this:

tolerance = #insert your snapping tolerance here
if ln1.geometry().distance(ln2.geometry()) < tolerance:

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