My plugin needs to read out the labeling of a feature layer. I can read via QgsPalLayerSettings the data-defined properties.

QgsDataDefined * dd = set->dataDefinedProperty(QgsPalLayerSettings::Size);
if (dd!=nullptr)
    if (dd->isActive())
        if (dd->useExpression())
            QString sExpr=set->dataDefinedProperty(QgsPalLayerSettings::Size)->expressionString(); }

But in most cases the user sets directly a value an then there is no dd! Surely it is very simple but I didn't find out.

How can I get label properties if they are not data-defined?


In between I found the member label (QgsLabel) of QgsFeatureLayer, but the properties there are empty/standard.

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Sometimes I'm so blind. I can get the several labeling properties directly from the QgsPalLayerSettings. It has members like textFont, textColor ... But I have to look for the datadefined properties, even if they are active, the 'normal' properties are filled so the datadefined properties overwrite the others.

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