I have a GeoServer instance, which is only used as a WMS service.

Reading the docs, there are libraries, which can be used to boost WMS ouput generation:

  • native JAI and ImageIO
  • libjpeg-turbo

I have some questions regarding these libraries. I am mainly interested in performance gains when serving JPEG image tiles from raster data:

  1. Should I install all of them and will this result in the fastest WMS output generation?
  2. If not, which one is recommended?
  3. If I use JAI-EXT, should I also install native JAI and ImageIO?
  4. Will these libraries also have an impact on serving PNG image tiles from vector data?

I realise that when serving raster data, the biggest difference, performance wise, is to use tile caching and to properly prepare the source data (i.e. create GeoTiffs with internal tiling and overviews etc.), but my question is only about WMS output generation.

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The two you need are native JAI and libjpeg-turbo.

Native ImageIO is useless once you have libjpeg-turbo, as it only provides a faster than JDK JPEG encoder, but libjpeg-turbo is even faster.

JaiExt has NODATA handling, however for the time being, you pay that extra feature with a slowdown in performance compared to JAI (the plan is to optimize it until it's faster than JAI, but it will take time).

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