I have the following interfaces:

export interface Feature<T extends GeometryObject> extends GeoJsonObject
    type: 'Feature'
    geometry: T;
    properties: any;
    id?: string;

export interface FeatureCollection<T extends GeometryObject> extends GeoJsonObject
    type: 'FeatureCollection'
    features: Feature<T>[];

The I tried to append the following objects:

let geoJsonFeatureCollection:FeatureCollection<any> = { type: 'FeatureCollection',

features: [] 


for (var key in data){
    if (data[key].Volume>0){
        let Feature:Feature<any>;
        Feature['type'] = 'Feature';
        Feature['geometry'] = {'type': 'Point',
        'coordinates': [data[key].YO, data[key].XO],
    Feature['properties'] =  {'origin_city': data[key].Origin,
    'origin_lat' : data[key].YO,
    'origin_lon' : data[key].XO,
    'destination_city' : data[key].Destination,
    'destination_lat' : data[key].Y,
    'destination_lon' : data[key].X,
    'volume' : data[key].Volume


but looks like its not working ..

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