As a followup of this question I am wondering how to enable a certain user to be able to place HTTP PUT/POST calls to /geoserver/rest/styles/ without granting the user admin rights or disabling chain security check under Authentication->Filter chain.

With my $geoserver_home/data/security/rest.properties settings being


I assigned user 'chief' the roles 'ROLE_REST_READ' and 'ROLE_REST_WRITE'.

When doing PUT/POST calls with this credentials it will result in Status Code 405 NOT ALLOWED. GET calls however work fine. Using admin credentials or disabling REST chain security check PUT/POST calls work fine (Status Code 200). I tried changing the REST chain settings (check HTTP method, role filter) with no luck. Changing the admin role of the current role service 'default' from ROLE_ADMIN to ROLE_REST_WRITE also works, giving user chief complete admin right over the web interface however.

How/where can I edit the REST filter chain settings to not block PUT/POST calls? Please excuse me if I am missing some basic filter chain points here as I am pretty new to this topic.

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