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Does anyone know of any MOOCs for learning GIS which use QGIS for any practical exercises?

I've been finding QGIS a fantastic tool for work, but would like to understand it and GIS principles on a deeper level.

However, many of the online courses or MOOCs I've found when looking for something like this are based around ArcGIS.

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There are MOOCs available in varied forms I would say. Here are some resources I would point you to.

MIT offers an open course Introduction to GIS

You could look into Announcing a Certificate in Open Source Geospatial Technology and Del Mar College and the GeoAcademy program. Which offers courses using QGIS which you could eventually acheive a certificate.

QGIS provides a list of a number of supports that have a ton of QGIS related docuemntation/tutorials Core contributors

I like using QGIS Tutorials and Tips for a ton of create exercises that you could work through.

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