I'm using CARTO to display locations of conference. Some of the conferences were "teleconference" so they don't have an actual location.

Is it possible to display them on the map with the annotation "teleconference" somewhere?

And is it possible to do so in a time-series animated map?

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Of course you can show them. Go to the original dataset and change the_geom column giving them some coordinates. This is a query that you can apply to geolocate them on Null Island:

  the_geom = cdb_latlng(0,0)
WHERE  the_geom IS NULL

Alternatively, you can add a column, populate them with a city for those "teleconferences" and then apply BUILDER Goreferencing analysis. You can add popups or labels to show the annotations. Finally, if you have a date or numeric column you can animated your layer following this guide.

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