When I compress my QGIS file with the folder containing all my shapefiles, how can I maintain the paths?

For example, I made a map on QGIS using a large amount of shapefiles. Once done, I save my QGIS file to C:\Users\Workcomputer\Desktop\New_folder

From there I compress the shapefiles and the QGIS file located in \New_folder and send the newly made .zip file to myself by email or dropbox.

However, when I download and uncompress the .zip on a different computer, the QGIS file is empty, and I have to re-path all the shapefiles, because they are now located in


instead of


Is there anyway to short-cut having to do this?


If you go to Settings > Project Properties > General tab, you will find an option to use either Absolute or Relative paths. Selecting relative paths should sort out your issue. You may want to look at this answer: How to save project with data source path as relative in QGIS?

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