I have a layer with a "Completed" field with 4 unique values. - design phase - future year - under construction - completed

in my pop-up configs I have "Status: {Completed}"

How can I use Arcade to change the color of the status value text based on its value?

eg. completed = green under construction = orange, design phase black future years light grey


The Answer was to create a specific Arcade Expression per "Value" that I wanted and identify each expression in the pop-up config with a different color text.

Expression 0: IIf($feature.status=='completed', 'completed', '')

Expression 1: IIf($feature.status=='under construction’, 'under construction', '') Expression 2: IIf($feature.status=='in design', 'in design', '')

Add each expression in pop-up

Status: {expression/expr0}{expression/expr1}{expression/exp2}

assign each of those expression a unique color within the pop-up config manager

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One slight difference I used was in passing the field value back into the expression, rather than defining it as 'string':

IIf($feature.status=='under construction’, $feature.status, '')
IIf($feature.status=='completed’, $feature.status, '')
IIf($feature.status=='in design’, $feature.status, '')

This works really well for non-string values as well, ex. $feature.speed>50, $feature.speed<60.

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